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3 Ways to Fold your BJJ Gi

3 Ways to Fold your BJJ Gi

There are many ways how you can fold the gi. Most competitors just stuff their gi in the bag which takes a lot of space and makes the gi come out all crooked. There are a few simple techniques that will help you to fold your gi easily so it will fit into your bag and leave enough space for things like food, shower supplies or the latest issue of jiu jitsu magazine.

A neatly folded gi will also make it easier to find the pants that match the jacket, instead of having to go through a pile of jackets and pants hoping to find the right match. Noone wants to be the guy wearing a mismatched gi jacket and gi pants.

There are also a couple of ways that will help you to carry the gi even without bag, using the belt to make a backpack or strap.

Watch the video where Rick shows 3 different ways to fold the gi.

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