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SUMMER SALE: discounts up to 70% !!
Starting BJJ? This is what you need!

Starting BJJ? This is what you need!

When you want to start training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu it can be hard to figure out what things you need. The video below they show you the basics which will set you off to a great start!

The uniform

Regarding gi colour, white is always good and accepted in most gyms. If you prefer blue, black (or any other colour) you might want to check this with the rules and regulations of your gym.

You will also need a belt. The gi's from our top 3 beginner gi's all come with a free white belt. You can recongize a BJJ belt by the black bar on one of the ends. This bar is used to put on stripes when you get promoted. Even if your gym doesn't do stripes, the black bar is required on your belt for most competitons. Lengthwise each end of the belt should hang 20 to 30 cm in length after the knot.

Wearing a rashguard underneath your gi is mandatory in some gyms, but even when it's not we really recommend wearing one. It protects your skin against the chafing and tearing of the gi jacket and it will wick away sweat.


With a gi, belt and rashgaurd you are ready to train! Tape is one of the accessories you will probably need real soon, another one we highly recommend is a mouthguard. Some people hate them, but other wont train without them.

Wondering what the difference between the mouthguards are? Check this blog article.

For the SISU Mouthguard review you can go here.

Not sure what gi to get? Check out our top 3 beginner gi's.

Want to tie your belt like a pro? Go here.

Hopefully this will help you on your way into your jiu jitsu journey!

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