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  • €5,50

    Rashguard Protector

    BJJ Fightgear

    This is our high quality rashguard protector! It is very important to protect your compression clothing when washing. If you don't there is a huge...

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  • €11,70

    Tatami Kimono Klean™ Laundry Powder

    Tatami Fightwear

    Dit is Non Bio Sports Waspoeder van Tatami Fightwear. Ben jij er ook zo zat van dat je Gi´s verkleuren, krimpen, er vlekken op komen en om de een o...

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  • €27,50

    Defense Laundry Booster

    Defense Soap

    Defense Laundry Booster is a one step bacterial deodorizer & treatment easily applied through the wash rinse cycle with your regular wash. Defe...

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