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Top 3 Gi's for beginners (february 2018)

Top 3 Gi's for beginners (february 2018)

When you just started Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or want to start BJJ, one of the first things you will probably need is a gi. In the current market there are many different gi's available, so it can be really hard to find what you need.

The Gi Experts selected 3 gi's, from the lower price tier, which all come with a free white belt.

Tatami Nova MK4
Tatami was the first brand that made a gi specificly targetting beginners: An affordable gi with a free white belt. The Nova gi's have been around for a long time and keep getting updated. The Nova MK4 gi features a heavier fabric for the jacket as well for the pants, this will make the gi last even longer. They also updated the fit, making it more tapared and giving it a modern look. The options, quality, and price make this gi the best choice for most beginner’s buying their first gi.

The Nova MK4 is available in a wide range of sizes for men, women and kids. Including in-between sizes like A2L, A2H and A3L and it comes in 4 different colours (white, blue, black and navy). Take a look at the Tatami Nova MK4 in the video below.

You can also check out the newest variation of the Nova gi, Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi, which is also a great choice for beginners. It is available in white, blue, black, and khaki for men, women, and kids. The gi has a wide range of sizes, including in-between sizes like A1L, A2L, A2XL, A2H, and A3L.

Fuji Sports Saisho gi
The Saisho gi has just hit the market, but truely belongs in this top 3. When you search for the best value gi, the Fuji All Around gi always shows up. The Saisho gi is like the All Around’s little brother. This is a lightweight version of Fuji's All Around gi, with a free white belt and the same fit and feel. Right now this gi is only available for the European market, when Fuji decides to add in between sizes for the Saisho gi we might bump this gi to the #1 spot. Available in 3 basic colours (white, blue and black) for men, women and kids, check the video below for more specifications.

Kingz Basic 2.0
Kingz is currently one of the most popular brands, sponsoring some of the world's best like Leandro Lo. The Kingz Basic 2.0 feels like a copy of the old Nova gi's with less options in sizes and colours. The packaging of this gi is the best of this top 3, but that doesn't do much after you unpacked it. It comes with a free white belt and is available only for men in white, blue and black colors.

You can find more beginner gis here

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