Rash guards

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It does not matter if you train with Gi or No-Gi; you need to have a good rash guard. That is why you find a large assortment of high quality rash guards on, of real BJJ brands. Wearing a rash guard can be important because of 3 reasons: Protecting your skin against scrapes and burns, evaporate sweat quickly, and keep your body warm so that your muscles stay supple.

The great thing about rashguards is that they are also very comfortable; like a second skin. Just like spats, they are made of a soft, stretching material which cools the skin through the compression material it is made of. The material is smooth, takes care of sweat and regulates your body heat. Are you just discovering Jiu Jitsu or are you already hooked? We recommend investing in a rashguard, you won’t be disappointed. On we sell rashguards of superior quality from a lot of great BJJ and grappling brands like Scramble and Ground Game – the rashguards of these two brands are made of a soft and smooth material, a little thicker than usual but really comfortable. The scramble compression clothing does tend to peel a little on the outside after a year or so, mostly when worn underneath a BJJ Gi. This doesn’t affect the high quality of the rashguard of course, it will not rip at all or anything like that and you won’t feel it. The Tatami gear is made of a thinner kind of material. Really strong and comfortable, just a little less extremely soft. Tatami does not peel, this is not guaranteed though, just something we learned after many years of experience with these awesome BJJ brands.