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Ground Game Champion Gi Review

Ground Game Champion Gi Review

Ground Game Lightweight Champion BJJ Gi


With a total weight of only 1345gr the Champion gi joins the ranks of the ultra light bjj gi's. The Champion gi can easily keep up with other lightweight gi's like the BJJ Globetrotter Traveler gi and does so completely without any Rip Stop material.

Features of the Ground Game Champion BJJ Gi

• With only 1345 gr (A2) extremely light

• Jacket made out of 350gm² Pearl Weave

• 8oz Ripstop Pants weighing only 400gr

• Contrast stitching for visual highlights

• Pants with Drawcord

• IBJJF legal (according to Ground Game)

Fit of size A2 (for 1,75m and 85kg) and shrinking after washing

The fit of Champion gi's jacket is a little bit too wide for my liking, which took some time to get used to for me. The thin material also made the jacket feel somewhat floppy, but this is a known problem for many lightweight gis.

Fit of the pants – ideal length but slightly to tight around the knees

The pants sit nicely on the hip and also the length of the pant legs is ideal. Additionally, the pants „feel“ awesome. Sadly, there is a slight drawback. On the knee area the cut of the pants is a bit too tight. As soon as I bend the knees I feel some tension of the fabric above the knee. During rolling I couldn't really feel any restrictions of my movement, but while I was standing it was definitely irritating me. Though for somebody with slim legs this shouldn't be any problem at all.

Measurements before/after washing 3 times at 30°c for size A2

  Before     After       
Sleeves to collar 75cm 74cm
Jacket length (without collar)   78cm 77cm
Sleeve to armpit 53cm 53cm
Wingspan 166cm 165cm
Outside leg length 95cm 94cm
Inside leg length 65cm 64cm
Waistband 52cm 52cm

Availability and Price

The champions gi is available in the classic colour white, blue and black. The sizes range from A0 up to A4 with in between sizes like A2.5

At BJJ Fightgear the gi is currently offered for 100€ and so can be placed in the lower/middle price category for lightweight gi's, you can pick it up here!

Ground Game Champion BJJ Gi – Jacket

The 940gr light jacket is barely noticable when worn and doesn't even rely on using Ripstop material. The 350gr/m² Pearl Weave is tightly woven, giving off the feeling that heat will accumulate. Although this seemed to be also the case for other ultra light gi's made out of Ripstop. Ripstop is in a similar way tightly woven and doesn't soak up much moisture. This was especially standing out, because I was used to my Flow gi made out of hemp, which is extremly breathable.

Design and Reinforcements

The yellow stitching gives a nice contrast to the black jacket and fits really well with the other embroidered designs on the shoulders, between the shoulderblades and on the front of the jacket. The embroidery is kept in white and yellow and appears well made. The vents on the side, the cuffs and the armpits are like most BJJ jackets additionally reinforced. The hem of the jacket has a woven ribbon with the ground game logo.

Ground Game Champion BJJ Gi – Pants

For an ultra light gi it is also important to have low weight pants, which is the case here. With just 405gr you have nothing to worry about. The low weight lets you barely feel that you wear BJJ pants.

The lacing – Thread it and everything fits

The pants are tied with a drawstring, which you have to thread through a tunnel at first. This worked relatively easy for me, and the tunnel leaves the drawcord little room to wiggle. By now I'm a big fan oft his tunnel drawstring and didn't have any bad experiences so far.

Contrast and Applications

Like with the jacket, the contrast stitching makes a good impression on the pants as well. Additionally, the drawcord tunnels and the drawcord are kept in the same yellow, which is another highlight.

Reinforcements – Ground Game put some thought into it

As common with most BJJ pants, the Champion gi is also reinforced around the knee area. A total of 10 additional stitchings is used per pants leg. Ground Game clearly put some thought into it and left a free stitching area right above the knee. Besides that we can find the usual refinorced areas here as well like the crotch region and the vents on the side. 


If you are looking for an ultra light gi in the lower/middle price category the Champion gi is a good choice. It is an optical highlight without being too fancy. From our part a clear recommendation. 

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