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CauliBuds Compression Kit

door CauliBuds
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CauliBuds zijn neodymium magneten omhuld met een siliconen materiaal. Ze worden gebruikt om bloemkooloor te voorkomen en te behandelen.

Door een magneet aan elke kant van de gedraineerde / gezwollen locatie te plaatsen, drukken de magneten het gebied samen dat anders zou opzwellen en het bloemkooloor zou veroorzaken.

De CauliBuds compressiekit bevat:
- Grote magneetset
- Kleine magneetset
- Opslag container
- 2 steriliserende alcoholdoekjes
- Instructies

Waarschuwing: Neodymium-magneten kunnen interfereren met pacemakers, ICD's en andere geïmplanteerde medische apparaten.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kim-Lan Nguyen
Use with care

I drained my ear multiple time without problem, most annoying part is to wear a compress around the ear, so I heard about this product. Gave it a try and I wore it during 24hrs after draining, after that I removed it for a bit, my ear started to swell became hard right away. Went to the doctor and he prescribed me antibiotics as the ear was infected. The magnet is quite tight, and i read (too late) a lot of people faced my issue. So use wih care or put something between your ear and the magnets, to reduce the pressure.

Quentin Monsieur

Really happy with this product, good quality and shipping was also very fast.
A really good experience, i will keep ordering my stuff with bjj fightgear.

Steven Eikemans
Califlower ear

This product works perfect. Its works without draining as also with drain your califlower ear.
If you use them, it's hurts as hell the fist time and if you sleep with them use a beanie for your protect your ears.
Good luck with your batch of honor👂😉🤙

Tomas Potocek

Magnets are really strong, surface is comfortable. The bigger one fits me fine, but the smaller one not, so it doesnt hold the way I need. I guess, I just have small ears. Next time I wouldnt buy this kind of thing online without trying first. I wouldnt say it is the problem of the product it self.

Steven Schwartz

Really good bit uncomfortable because it’s putting pressure on your ear but that’s what it’s for I would definitely rather have them than not wish it was a bit cheaper though