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Hyperfly HyperLyte Gi Review

Hyperfly HyperLyte Gi Review

Customer review of the Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi

Gabriel from has written again an interesting and informative product review about the Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi. To spread the word about the HyperLyte Kimono, also for our non-German BJJ practitioners, we translated’s awesome review for you.

Have fun reading and let us know what you think in the comments or even in your own review of the Hyperfly HyperLyte Gi!

hyperfly hyperlyte bjj gi 12

Hyper! Hyper! – how much is the Gi?

Hyperfly called it the HyperLyte, so of course it was also expected to be light and, to be frank, with a weight of 1,375kg (A2) this is incredibly light in the world of Gi’s. So the BJJ Kimono seems to deliver, in terms of weight, what he promises.

Product specifications in an overview:

  • Weight of 1,375kg (weighted myself)
  • 350gr. superfine woven cotton
  • Blue colour with grey details
  • Officially IBJJF approved

Fit of size A2 and the first laundry

Cut in a formfitting way, this light Gi really adapts to your shape and figure. In particular, when training on hot summer days and while traveling this lightweight Gi seems to be the perfect training companion. For me personally, the sleeve length is perfect; however, I do have quite short arms. Knowing this, for people with longer arms it might be too short, especially after the first wash cycle To give a direct comparison the Storm T3 has generally already 2-3cm longer sleeves.

Proportion before/ after the first laundry (size A2)

Gi jaket before laundry/ Gi jaket after laundry

  • Sleeve till collar: 73cm/ 71cm
  • Sleeve till armpits: 53cm/ 52cm
  • Jacket length (without collar): 76cm/ 76cm

Gi pants before laundry/ Gi pants after laundry

  • Gi pants length (measured on the outside): 102cm/ 100cm
  • Gi pants length (measured on the inside): 71c/ 69cm
  • Gi pants waistband: 53cm/ 53cm

Price & Availability

Available at BJJ Fightgear for 119,95€.

Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi – jacket

Hyperfly HyperLyte jacket BJJ fightgear.jpg

The HyperLyte Gi jacket is made from 100% cotton with the pearl weave technique (this is an educated assumption, since Hyperfly is not giving information about the type of material). A weight reduction was achieved by a cut in material. From the weight of a premium Gi jacket of 450gr/m2 to the HyperLyte jacket with a weight of 350gr/m2, which is very light in comparison.

Neat and straight forward Design

The HyperLyte logo has been placed on the upper arm of the Gi jacket. In my opinion, I would have preferred a slightly better stitching quality. Fortunately, the side vents are neatly seamed with grey stitching and the back is completely free, to give room for patches and customization.

Supporting layers

In terms of material support, Hyerfly sticks to the classics. The Gi jacket is supported by extra layers on the side vents the armpits and bound hem. As mentioned above, the cut is extremely form fitting and adapts to the shape of your figure. Nonetheless, there is enough space around the shoulders to give enough freedom in your mobility.

Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi pants

hyperfly hyperlyte bjj gi 18

Hyperfly uses here a sophisticated material for the Gi pants, superfine woven cotton twill. This type of material in combination with advanced manufacturing techniques results in a very sturdy, yet light material. Unfortunately, the downside of this thin material is that it has great grip for your opponent. However, this is a general issue of lightweight Gi’s.

Optimized cut

Hyperfly used the same pearl weave material as for the Gi jacket and the crotch of the Gi pants. This has two major advantages:

  • Allows your skin to breathe easier and is more permeable to sweat.
  • Is in itself more flexible and elastic.

Supporting layers

The Gi pants are double supported in the common areas, as side vents, knee areas and has bound hem 

pants borders. Giving a little colourful contrast to the blue Gi and matching to the Gi jacket, also the side vents have grey neat seams.

Fitting & comfort

Due to the twill, the pants are very comfortable and pleasant to wear. Also in terms of fitting there is nothing to complain about, since the pants have a good length and even if the pants shrink a little, it is still in very good proportions.

Recommendation of Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi

Everyone who is looking for a combination of a simple, classic and lightweight Gi, has found the perfect BJJ Kimono with the Hyperfly HyperLyte. This Gi definitely delivers a great price-value ratio, which will make a great trainings companion.

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