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How To Tie your Belt like a Pro | The Gi Experts

How To Tie your Belt like a Pro | The Gi Experts

How To Tie your Belt like a Pro | The Gi Experts

To prevent you new guys from tying your belt the wrong way or not at all, to help you tie your belt in the first place, and to not make you look or feel like an idiot by not knowing how to tie a BJJ belt.. this video is for you!!

In this new video of the Gi Experts Bram will show you 3 variations on how to tie your BJJ belt. The first variation is the most standard way to tie your belt. When most people learn to tie their belt the first time, this is most of the times the way to go.

The second variation he shows us is more or less the same as the first, but this way of tying your belt makes for a tighter knot and a bit of extra length in the belt.

Last but not least, Bram demonstrates the Super Lock! This is, as the name suggest the coolest way to tie your belt, it takes a bit more time but no way your belt will come loose during a training, it is more likely your Gi escapes from your belt then the other way around but the belt will stay around your hips!

The Gi Bram is wearing is the Fuji Suparaito Limited Edition from Fuji Sports Europe and the belt he is wearing is from Scramble and his rashguard from BJJ Fightgear, which you both can get on!

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