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Quick Gi Review: Tatami Elements Ultralite BJJ Gi

Quick Gi Review: Tatami Elements Ultralite BJJ Gi

Check this out! The Gi Experts took some time to review a couple of Tatami Gis to give you a certain feel of a Gi when you’re buying one all the way from home. The Elements Gi is Tatami's latest Gi model. It's an ultralight BJJ kimono, weighing only 1.3kg in size A2L. The jacket and pants are made of a really comfortable light fabric, even when you compare it to other (ultra)lightweight Gis from Tatami or other Jiu Jitsu brands.

In the next video Bram gives you a quick overview of the Elements Gi, along with a positive points and some of the downsides to this Gi. One of pro’s he forgot to mention in the video is the drawcord in the pants. Tatami seems to use this kind of rounded, a bit elastic type of drawcord in most of their new Gis, and as far as we’re concerned it's a big upgrade from the earlier flat drawcords Tatami used in the Gi pants.

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