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Gi Review: the Fuji Blue Blossom

Gi Review: the Fuji Blue Blossom

Katrin from Gi World tested the Fuji Blue Blossom Gi and wrote a review about this kimono. This is not a sponsored article, but an objective evaluation of the Gi. For more Gi reviews, visit 


WU DAO...following the path of martial-arts with the Fuji Blue Blossom will become a pleasure. DSCF6947.JPG First Impression/Look 

I was interested in the Fuji Blue Blossom for quite some time already since it is exactly to my liking. The embroidery is very feminine, but is kept in blue and green and therefore does not appear too girly. BJJ Fightgear offers the Gi for 95,95€, which is quite cheap. I already feared that the quality might not be the greatest. But far from it!!! Materials and production quality are such high value that I was wondering how Fuji can even afford to produce it for such a good price. Other Gi's with similar detailed embroidery are usually a lot more expensive. DSCF6942.JPG Important Features

  • High-quality production value
  • Fabric quality: 100% Cotton
  • Detailed embroidery
  • IBJJF approved
  • Available sizes W1-W4 at
  • Weight: 1800 Grams (Size W2)

Fit / Shrinkage after washing 

The jacket is tailored and has a slender cut, while the pants have some more freedom of movement. A perfect fit for women that offers little room for grips, yet at the same time is comfortable during training. 

Sizing before and after washing

  Before washing After washing

Sleeve to collar



Jacket length without collar



Sleeve to armpit



Pants length outside



Pants length inside






I washed the Gi at 30°c and air dried it. The result: minimal shrinkage. Again, a sign for the outstanding quality this Gi offers. 

Availability and Price The Gi had been bought at, where they offer it for 95,95€. It is available in the sizes W1-W4, in two different color schemes: “Pink Blossom” and “Blue Blossom”. The Webshop, located in Groningen, Netherlands, has a huge assortment of ladies Gi's, Spats and Rashguards. This also includes Brands like Storm and Fuji, which are usually hard to come by in Europe. Therefore, a visit is absolutely recommended! Besides that I want to especially mention some facts about the customer service: - Free shipping to Germany for orders above only 119€ - German-speaking customer service - Orders until 16:00h will be shipped on the same day Even before getting in contact with the BJJ Fightgear Team regarding this review, I was a regular customer. Hence, I can without any bias promise that the team behind BJJ Fightgear is doing outstanding work. Top score for their customer service! The delivery time to Germany is approximately one week. But don't get irritated by that. Especially,  since DHL can sometimes be a bit slow to update the status of your delivery, and until you can find a result using the Track-ID. 

Jacket (Description) 

DSCF6950.JPG DSCF6902.JPG   DSCF6870.JPG   DSCF6885.JPG 

Qualitatively well made and great fit The jacket has been especially tailored for women, and therefore, has a tapered fit and shorter sleeves than men Gi's. It fits quite slim and is not too long, hence, I would say Fuji's women-cut is a success in every aspect. The jacket is very comfortable to wear while you roll, but still is not too loose to allow easy grips for your opponents. In the size W2 the jacket weighs 1241gr. It is produced in a Single-Weave with 100% cotton. The advantage of a Single-Weave is the extreme low weight of the material, that additionally feels pleasantly cool during training too. In comparison, it is more comfortable to wear, because this weave usually sits a bit more loose than others. On the other hand, it also allows for easier grips than other weave techniques. Rumor has it that Single-Weave is not as durable as other weaves though. Do you want to test it? Then good luck! The jacket has been sewn with such accuracy and detail that I would personally congratulate anybody who manages to destroy it. Detail: - Chest-piece with 4 seams outside and inside - Has an extra piece of cloth sewn in between armpit and lapel - Shoulder area with 4 seams - Collar with 5 seams - The stitching around the armpit, as well as all the way down the sleeves is covered with extra cloth and secured with double stitching. - The sleeve-ends are also covered with extra cloth and secured with double stitching - The jacket ends at the bottom and the vents are secured with extra cloth - The lapel stitching on the inside is covered with additional fabric that is kept in the same color scheme as the other stitching, and shows the Fuji logo Altogether, the stitching has been done neatly and with great accuracy. Overall it left an impression of being undestructible on me. DSCF6911.JPG           DSCF6906.JPG           DSCF6904.JPG Fuji Blue Blossom BJJ Gi           Fuji Blue Blossom BJJ Gi           Fuji Blue Blossom BJJ Gi Fuji Blue Blossom BJJ Gi           Fuji Blue Blossom BJJ Gi 

The Cherry Blossoms as a Symbol of female Beauty and Strength 

Now I want to go into more detail about the design. The detailed embroidered cherry blossoms on the sleeves are definitely the eye-catcher of the Fuji Blue Blossom. The embroidery proves to not only be elegant, but is also of very high quality. While in Japanese culture cherry blossoms are a symbol of courage, diligence and strength, they are the embodiment of female beauty and strength in Chinese culture. Well, I guess that's something we can gladly put up with! Otherwise, the Gi is kept in a modest style. Between the shoulder blades you can find a small embroidered Fuji logo and on the bottom left side of the lapel is another small patch. Like mentioned before this modest but yet still feminine design is exactly my style. 


 Fuji Blue Blossom pants Fuji Blue Blossom pants   Fuji Blue Blossom pants   Fuji Blue Blossom pants

 Perfect fit in combination with high freedom of movement 

The pants have only two loops to tie the drawstring. When I first saw this I feared that the tied drawstring might come loose too easily. Only two loops usually give the drawstring a lot of room to move and come loose. But here as well: No problem. I never had to re-do the knot, and the pants fit perfect from the beginning of the training until the end as they should. That might be due to the drawstring being made out of a cotton-material. It feels like linen. In comparison to the usual polyester the surface feels rougher and therefore has more grip. The pants sit just above the hip and stays there, so there is no danger of accidentally flashing your behind. You can use the Fuji Blue Blossom with a clear conscience without spats underneath. Generally speaking, the pants are cut a bit more wider, making them especially appealing for a wide range of different body types. Additionally, the pants weigh in size W2 only 559gr, so they are barely noticeable during your training. DSCF6868.JPG           Fuji kanji on the BJJ pants The trend of being of high quality continues on with the pants. The complete front area, so from the groin area all the way the down is covered with an additional layer of cloth, which is secured with 10 seams. The pants don't use extra cloth to cover the seams as well, but the turn-up is secured with multiple stitchings. 

WU DAO...the Path of Martial-Arts 

On the right bottom leg is an embroidered Kanji, which goes in line with the high quality of the rest of the Gi. It says “BU DO” (in Japanese) or "WU DAO" (in Chinese) and describes “the path of martial-arts”. Additionally, the is a small patch on the waistband with the Fuji logo. The same conclusion here: High quality and simple design but very beautiful! 


I have really no clue how it is possible for Fuji to produce a Gi of this quality for such a low price. Usually, with this level of quality and detailed embroidery, you end up in a much higher price category. I used this Gi for months now and can't detect any signs of deterioration. So this Gi is highly recommended and receives a top score from me!

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