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Women - Gi's

Also for ladies BJJfightgear.com offers the largest assortment of BJJ Gi's. In our assortment of BJJ Gi's you find unique models for ladies of several top brands: Tatami, Storm, Fuji, and Grips. In selecting our brands and Jiu Jitsu Gi's we also look for the best quality for an affordable price.

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Women - Gi's

Gi's, Belts, Rashguards, Fightshorts, Spats, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, Footwear, Caps, Head Gear, Mouth Guards, Gloves, Mitts and Pads, Knee and Shinpads, Protection and Support

Do you want to know which BJJ Gi you should pick? Click on the Gi model of your choice, en look under the tab 'Size Chart'. Most of the women's Gi's are available in F (Female), from F1 until F4. The Fuji Ladies Gi's however are made in W (Women) sizes. These Jiujitsu Gi's for ladies are larger than the F sizes. Therefore, have a good look at the BJJ Gi size chart.