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CauliBuds Compression Kit

von CauliBuds
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CauliBuds sind Neodym-Magnete, die mit einem Silikonmaterial bedeckt sind. Sie werden zur Vorbeugung und Behandlung von Blumenkohlohren eingesetzt.

Durch Platzieren eines Magneten auf jeder Seite der abgelassenen / geschwollenen Stelle komprimieren die Magnete den Bereich, der sonst anschwellen und das Blumenkohlohr verursachen würde.

Das CauliBuds-Komprimierungskit enthält:
- Großer Magnetsatz
- Kleiner Magnetsatz
- Vorratsbehälter
- 2 sterilisierende Alkoholtücher
- Anweisungen

Warnung: Neodym-Magnete können Herzschrittmacher, ICDs und andere implantierte medizinische Geräte stören.

Customer Reviews

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Keith Reynolds
It helps!

I found this to be a useful product. With cauliflower ear you need to act fast. First drain the fluid with a syringe then compress using the CauliBuds. You get two sizes. A big and small which are interchangeable and this gives you more options to get the best compression.
I haven't used them as a preventive measure with light swelling so can't comment on that.
Your ears are not going to get prettier from grappling but CauliBuds definitely help slow the process.

benoit OLIE

CauliBuds Compression Kit

p r green
Caulibuds uk

Got these on a recommendation of a team mate. Cost effective and fast delivery. I've had deliveries from within the UK that didn't arrive as quick & I was updated on the whole process. 2 sizes that will work on various parts of your ear. I haven't used it myself but I drained a team mates ear & used the smaller one with great results. Highly recommended.

Jan Horn
What i expected and good quality product

Order came in fairly quicly, product was up to expectation and is of good quality. In the plastic container to store the Buds, you'll also find 2 cleaning wipes to use before/after draining the ear. The pressure of the buds can become a bit unfomfortable after wearing them for multiple hours after draining. I would recommend applying a piece of sterile guaze on the injection spot to distribute the pressure of the buds a bit better, did wonders for me.

Happy rolling and see you on the mats!

Christopher Radcliffe
Work great

2 sets of magnets - one large (about the size of a penny) and one small (about half the diameter) that fit the ear well, have a soft outer material with rounded edges and gives a good pinch without being too painful to not take out for a long time. Highly recommend.