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Tatami Nova Absolute vs. Tatami Nova MK4

Tatami Nova Absolute vs. Tatami Nova MK4

The latest gi in the Nova line is the Tatami Nova Absolute. This BJJ gi was made with a couple of significant improvements, after a broad research on what jiu jitsu practitioners want to see in the gi.


Due to the new material, 350GSM pearl weave,  the Nova Absolute jacket is lightweight yet stronger than the previous versions of the Tatami Nova. In size A2 the Gi weighs 1.6kg. The Gi is available in white, black, blue, and khaki.


Nova Absolute features a shorter jacket and tapered pants that contributes to the athletic fit of the gi. Due to less excessive fabric and reinforcements the fit is more modern and tailored. While staying comfortable and enables free movement.

Size options

Tatami Nova Absolute has sizes for men, women, and kids. Next to the standard sizing options, Nova Absolute Gi has a wide choice of special sizes.

The H, in for example A2H or A3H, stands for Husky. This means the size has a wider fit, which means that an A2H has the length of an A2 with the width of an A3.

In the size A2L the L stands for Long, which means this size has the width of an A2 but the length of an A3. XL means that the gi is even longer than the L size, while keeping the same width.


If you buy either Nova MK4 Gi or Nova absolute Gi, you’ll get a free white belt.

Watch the full video to learn more about similarities and differences between Tatami Nova Absolute and Tatami Nova MK4.

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