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Why Big BJJ Academies Don't Work With the Factory Directly

Why Big BJJ Academies Don't Work With the Factory Directly

Big BJJ academies don’t produce their gis straight on the factory but collaborate with gi brands for a lot of different reasons. Here are the most common ones.

Quality and risk control

Often when the academy works straight with the factory, there is nobody to control the quality for you. When you cooperate with a gi brand, it is their responsibility to do the design, control the production process and check quality. Additionally, they take the financial risks. In case you need to return or refund a BJJ gi for example, the gi brand will do it for you. You avoid risk of losing money by sending it to the factory and never hearing back again.

Save time

Creating a custom gi takes a lot of time. You have to find the right design, the correct fit and good sizing. Many big academies just out source the production and development of their academy gi and save much time that they can spend on growing the academy.

Display quality

Gyms want to provide their students with services and products of high quality. Since gi brands are already well-known for the high quality gi and gear, big gyms trust it to create their academy gi.

Service and convenience

It is usually more comfortable to negotiate with gi brands than with factories, because gi brands are better equipped and there is no cultural or language barrier. Gi brands are more attentive to customer’s needs, have better payment terms, and it’s easier to work with them on sponsored athletes and things like that.

If you want to find out more, watch the full video.

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