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How to Train Smart and Improve Fast in BJJ

How to Train Smart and Improve Fast in BJJ

There are a lot of people who want to improve quickly in jiu jitsu and, of course, it comes down to the fact that they just need to train a lot. There are a few tips though which will help you to improve faster than other practitioners.

First of all, in the beginning of each BJJ training, it’s necessary to set clear goals for yourself what you would like to work on during the upcoming hours. It is really beneficial if you understand the concept behind the technique. For instance, how a sweep actually works, why you are sweeping this person, why you are passing the guard.

Secondly, competition is a good way to make progress faster since it helps you to stay motivated and it always shows what you cannot do yet. In addition, at tournaments your technique has to be perfect, because the your opponent is also really fighting to win. During training sessions people, most of the time, just don’t give their all. After competition, you have to analyze what you were doing wrong, then go back to the training and practice those things a lot.

Thirdly, it might be beneficial to stick to one training partner because then he or she becomes really good at countering your techniques and it makes the training sessions more intense and useful.

Last but not least, do a lot of specific sparring. For example, start in De La Riva, work on your DLR guard for an hour. Every time you get passed or you sweep, reset to that guard. So you are constantly focused on improving that specific guard and your partner is learning how to pass that guard. In this way, the training is efficient for both of you.

To sum it all up: 

- Set clear goals for each training

- Compete, and analyse your matches

- Train constantly with one partner

- Do a lot of specific sparring and live rolling, don’t just drill


To learn more, watch the full video.

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