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Top 3 Best Lightweight Competition Gi's! | The Gi Experts

Top 3 Best Lightweight Competition Gi's! | The Gi Experts

Since there are a lot of BJJ brands which all say they sell the lightest Gi on the market, The Gi Experts decided to compare eleven of the lightest Gis. In this episode of The Gi Experts they will tell you about the lightest competition Gis based on quality and weight.

Having a lightweight Gi can be an advantage in many ways. They are, well, light so they are comfortable to train in when the weather is hot and make you more mobile than a heavy Gi would. Also, another advantage is the extra weight a Gi brings when you have to cut weight for a competition. Sometimes a lightweight Gi will save the day.

The only disadvantage I can think of is that lightweight often means the Gi is thinner. It doesn’t especially means it will rip more easy but it does mean the material is softer (most of the times) compared to a normal or heavy weight Gi. This will make it a bit easier for your opponent to make grips on you.

Altogether, the advantages are still more important than the disadvantages since you will be training in the Gi most of the time as well, and think about it, training in a light and softer Gi is super comfortable!

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