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The Ultimate Fuji BJJ Gi Guide

The Ultimate Fuji BJJ Gi Guide

Fuji Sports has been outfitting thousands of martial artists since 1969. The brand has a lot of popular gis which makes it hard to choose the gi that suits your needs the most. In this guide we will take a closer look at different basic and lightweight gis by Fuji.

Here you can find Fuji’s best value gis, which is a great choice for beginners. Of course, advanced competitors might also consider them if they want to buy a durable gi for training or competition.

Fuji Saisho BJJ Gi

The Saisho gi specifically aims at people who are just starting with Brazilian jiu jitsu. The gi features lightweight jacket and pants, both are made from 100% cotton. It weighs 1.7kg in size A2. The Fuji Saisho gi has a minimal and simple design. A great bonus is that the gi comes with a free white belt. This gi is available for men, women, and kids in 3 different colors: white, blue, and black. The gi is IBJJF approved. 

Fuji All Around BJJ Gi

The All Around gi is currently the most popular gi by Fuji. The All Around gi is a mid-weight gi, so it is quite durable. It has a basic design with small logos on the right shoulder and on the back. The gi is available in 5 different colors, so even if you get bored with this gi after a few years, you can just buy it in another color. The gi is available for men, women, and kids in wide range of sizes, including A1L, A2L, A2H, and A3L. The All Around is known for it's great price/quality ratio.

Fuji Blossom BJJ Gi

The Fuji Blossom gi was designed especially for women who enjoy spending time on the mat. The gi features a mid-weight 550g pearl weave jacket and cotton twill pants. The gi has 2 color options: white and blue. On the shoulders and right pant leg there are contrast embroideries with a cherry blossom design. The gi is IBJJF approved. The Blossom gi also has a pink ribbon embroidery, meaning that a portion of every sale is donated for breast cancer research. By wearing FUJI's Pink Blossom Gi, you'll show that you are participating in a global movement and making a difference!

Many people prefer lightweight gis because they are perfect for training in hot weather and for weigh-ins at competitions. Fuji’s lightweight gis look alike and are similar to each other, however, there are still some differences you should keep in mind when choosing a lightweight gi.

Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi

The Fuji Suparaito gi is especially designed for the competitors. It is the lightest gi by Fuji. It weighs about 1.2kg in size A2. This Jiu Jitsu gi features a very light Pearl Weave jacket and ripstop pants. The Fuji Suparaito gi is IBJJF approved, so you can wear it both for training and tournaments. The gi is available in white, blue, and black and has a contrast stitching. For women, there is only a navy option. 

Fuji Elemental BJJ Gi

The Elemental gi is the second lightest gi by Fuji. It features light pearl weave jacket and reinforced cotton blend pants. This Jiu Jitsu Gi is designed for training and competition. It combines durability and clean design with hardly any branding at all. All embroideries and patches are in the same color as the gi, so they do not stand out. The Elemental gi is available in full sizes A1 till A4 in white and blue colors.

Fuji Sekai 2.0 BJJ Gi

The Sekai 2.0 gi is the most premium Fuji’s gi. The gi has a printing of the world map inside the jacket . That is why the gi was called Sekai, which means "World" in Japanese. The gi features lightweight jacket and highly durable ripstop pants. The extra strong stitching around the collar makes the jacket extremely strong and sturdy. The gi is IBJJF approved and is available for men and women in white, blue, and black.

Fuji Lightweight BJJ GI

The Fuji Lightweight gi is the heaviest of the lightweight gis. The gi features 450g pearl weave jacket and durable cotton twill pants with cotton drawstring. It has a clean design with hardly any branding. The Lightweight gi has the iconic Fuji logo embroidered on the left arm, back of the jacket, and back of the right pant leg. It is available in sizes A1, A2, A3 and A4 in the colors white, blue, and black.

Fuji Submit Everyone BJJ Gi

The Fuji Submit Everyone Gi has everything you like about Fuji BJJ gis. The gi is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend. The Fuji Gi weighs about 1.2kg in size A2. It has a unique design. There is a big Fuji patch on the collar as well as a ribbon on the bottom of the skirt with a #submiteveryone print. On the back shoulder, the gi has a large embroidered FUJI emblem. There is also a motivating SUBMIT EVERYONE printing inside the jacket. The pants have a small embroidery with Fuji logo on the left shin and a “Fuji” patch on the right pant leg.  

The Fuji Submit Everyone Gi is available in white and black colors, in sizes A0 to A6, as well as in in between sizes such as: A1L, A2L, A2H, and A3L. The Fuji Submit Everyone Gi is IBJJF approved, so it is suitable both for training and tournaments. There is also Fuji Womens Submit Everyone BJJ Gi in sizes W00 to W6. 

Overall, Fuji Sports offers a wide range of gis. You should definitely be able to find a gi that fits your needs, no matter if you are a professional competitor or just a recreational mat rat.

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