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Tatami Gi's 101: Which Tatami BJJ Gi is Best for You?

Tatami Gi's 101: Which Tatami BJJ Gi is Best for You?

Tatami Fightwear is one of the most successful Jiu Jitsu brands out there. The assortment of this British company is enormous, in both Gi`s, NoGi gear and leisure wear. New Gi`s are coming out all the time as well as new versions of existing Gi`s. Recently we are receiving questions from customers who need help picking a Gi in this expanding range of options. Time for some explanation. Affordable Jiu Jitsu and grappling gear, good quality, and Gi`s along the entire price range, make Tatami Fightwear appealing to a large group of BJJ practitioners across the world. The brand offers both affordable best-value Gi`s such as the Nova Gi, but also high quality premium Gi`s like the Estilo series. 

The Nova Range – Basic Gi`s for all-round use 

The Nova Gi is Tatami`s most basic model. Probably one of the most widely worn best-value Gi`s in Europe, and a great bang for your buck. A lot of beginners, who just want a decent Gi without paying too much money, go for the Nova, while seasoned Jiu Jitsu veterans also still opt for it as a nice complementary Gi for regular training. Tatami Nova BJJ Gi Jiu jitsuNova Gi Besides the standard Nova, Tatami has expanded the range with 2 additional models: the Nova Minimo, which is the Nova Gi with less patchwork for those who prefer a more plain Gi, and the Nova Plus, with a bit of an upgrade in the Gi design. With the increase/decrease in patchwork, also comes a Minimo or Plus price for the Gi. The Nova Gi comes in the IBJJF approved colors (white, black, and royal blue) which makes it a safe choice for both training and competition purposes. Another nice extra of the Nova range, especially for beginners, is that it comes with a free white belt. The Nova Gi shrinks about 5 to 7 percent when washed at 30 degrees Celsius. This is why these models come slightly larger in all areas compared to the Estilo range. 

Lightweight Gi`s 

Over the years Tatami has introduced several lightweight Gi`s. The 3rd version of the Zero G Gi is a super lightweight competition BJJ Gi, weighing 1,5 kilo (jacket + pants, A2 Mens). This model is approximately 3 to 4 centimeter larger in all areas compared to the Estilo. The Zero G has a cut that is a little bit larger compared to the Estilo, to help you pass checks when participating in competitions. Tatami Zero G BJJ Gi Jiu JitsuZero-G Even lighter than the Zero G was Tatami`s Subzero Ultralite Gi. Two versions of this model have been brought on the market, but right now the model has been replaced by the brand new Estilo Leve Gi. The Leve is a unique Jiu Jitsu Gi in that it combines both a dual weave construction as well as being extremely light in weight. The Gi has been made with extra sturdy sleeves, which gives it the lightness of a lightweight Gi but still has the grip stripping qualities of a normal weight BJJ Gi. 

Premium Gi`s 

As you have seen earlier in this article, all of Tatami`s Gi`s are based on their base Estilo cut. If you are willing to pay slightly more for your new Gi, the quality you get with the Estilo is definitely worth the extra coins. The Estilo with its Pearl Weave jacket is a great combination of quality material and stylish design. The Estilo has been developed to help the Gi stay in the belt longer, which of course is a big plus. At the moment, the 5.0 version is Tatami`s latest edition of this awesome Gi. When buying an Estilo, expect about 1 to 2 percent shrinkage (when washed at 30 degrees Celsius). Tatami Estilo BJJ Jiu jitsu GiEstilo Then there is a Gi especially for the people that like a really thick and strong Gi. The Tank Gi with its Double Weave is made on the Estilo standard cut and is made for the hardcore guys among you. Keep in mind that the Tatami Tank Gi shrinks approximately 10 percent (!), which happens over a few washes. 

Exclusive Gi`s 

Tatami offers a range of Gi`s that are truly unique in their design and in our opinion really characterize a part of the Tatami brand. Although very special in their design and patchwork illustrations, these Gi`s are all high quality kimonos, usually very similar to the Estilo or the Zero G when it comes to functionality and quality. Although not all IBJJF approved, these Gi`s will help you steal the show at training, or at smaller tournaments. Surely two of the most well-known Tatami designs are the Thinker Monkey and Zen Gorilla range. These designs, that have been hugely successful in their NoGi range (the Zen Gorilla rashguard, and the whole set of sublimated gear for the Thinker Monkey – rashguard, spats, and fight shorts), have been released as Gi in 2014. The Thinker Monkey Gi in white, and the Zen Gorilla Gi in blue, both feature a large illustration inside the lining. Thinker Monkey Zen gorilla BJJ jiu jitsu gi TatamiThinker Gi The Inverted Gi Collection fits very similar to the Zero G model. This Jiu Jitsu Gi has been made on a different type of pearl weave material than the other Tatami models. It therefore feels a bit different as well. Other exclusive Tatami Gi`s include the Dragon Fly Gi (similar to the Estilo in cut and fit), the Mike Fowler Signature Gi (a Gold Weave Gi based on the Estilo size), and the Honey Badger Gi (3rd version, based on the Zero G size). New Tatami Gi`s are being launched often, so expect more of these articles in the future! 

Getting yourself a Tatami Gi 

BJJ Fightgear offers all Tatami Gi`s, we can also deliver any model or size on request. Check out the complete Tatami assortment here. Want Tatami Gi`s for your gym? Contact us from for a wholesale account.

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