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Quick Gi Review: Tatami Nova Absolute Gi

Quick Gi Review: Tatami Nova Absolute Gi

The Gi Experts are here again with another Quick Gi Review! This one is about the latest Tatami Nova Absolute Gi.

The Nova Gi is the most popular gi produced by Tatami Fightwear. It offers comfortable and well-designed gi at a reasonable price. The Absolute is already the 5th edition of the Nova Gi. It is a great gi for people who are just starting with jiu jitsu and for advanced practitioners, as well. It is IBJJF approved, which make the Absolute Gi suitable both for training and for competitions.

Technical details and design

The jacket features a strong, durable and lightweight 350GSM pearl weave fabric. While the pants are tapered and made out of strong 10oz cotton. Like earlier version of the Tatami Nova gi, the Absolute also features big patches on the shoulders. A few small embroideries are strategically placed on the on the back and the bottom of the jacket and on the lower leg part of the pants.

The gi comes in 4 different colors: white, black, blue and khaki and has sizing options for men, women and children with in-between sizes, as well.

Quick Gi Review

Rick did a quick gi review of the tatami Nova Absolute. He will tell you all about the specifics, the fit and his opinion on this gi.

Below you can view the Quick Gi Review: Tatami Nova Absolute BJJ Gi



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