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5 Ways to Create an Awesome Academy Gi

5 Ways to Create an Awesome Academy Gi

When you create an academy gi for your BJJ gym, you have to think about many details to design the gi that perfectly suits your academy. Let’s have a look at various gis that can be a great example for you. 

There are gis that stand out because of their unusual color combination. The khaki color option of the Tatami Nova Absolute Gi is a good example of unusual colorAnother gi with a few interesting colors is the Tatami Estilo 6.0 Gi, which has many different options like navy and gold. The Navy Premium 3.0 BJJ Gi by Hyperfly is also a great example, the navy colour is complemented by orange details that makes the gi look very stylish.

Photo: On the left is the Navy Hyperfly Premium 3.0 with orange details.


There are other ways how you can make the academy gi noticeable among others. One option is to add a custom ribbon with the motto or name of your team on the inside, like War Tribe has doen with the Ice Weave Gi.

Another way to make the gi special is to add a printing inside the jacket like Raven has done with the Thor Gi, as you can see in the picture below.

Photo: Raven Thor BJJ Gi, with a rashguard lining on the inside of the jacket.

At BJJ Fightgear we can offer you many affordable options for custom gi's designs. We closely work together with brands such as Fuji SportsHyperfly and Tatami Fightwear.

Watch the full video to learn more about the creation of awesome academy gi. 

If you are interested in having your own team gi, please contact us through our contact page or call us at +31 (0) 50 2103587.

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