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SUMMER SALE: discounts up to 70% !!
Fuji Sports Inverted Boardshorts – Review

Fuji Sports Inverted Boardshorts – Review

This is a Fuji Sports Inverted Boardshorts review by BJJ purple belt Daniël de Groot. He took some time off from training in Brazil to write this review. Daniëls passion is training No-Gi, for the last couple of month he has been wearing these shorts almost daily while training in Brazil this summer and participating in the IBJJF São Paulo Open NoGi, bringing home the gold in his first tournament as a purple belt!

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The Fuji Inverted Board Shorts have a price of 49,00 euros. This seems to be normal for IBJJF approved shorts without fancy prints. Tatami’s shorts IBJJF approved shorts have a price range between 45,50 and 49 euros. Scrambles basic black shorts cost 59,95. The Fuji shorts with fancier prints like the Musashi or Sakana model are 55 euros. The “FUJI Sports Inverted Board Shorts Black” can thus be characterized as medium to low cost.


The shorts are extremely light and do not restrict any motion at all. They stretch in multiple directions and aren’t too tight around the legs, giving you all the space you need to move around and get into uncomfortable guard positions. If that’s your thing.


The fit is comfortable, giving enough space to move around, but not having too much fabric so that it gets stuck during rolling. My shorts are in size S, but for my skinny legs a size smaller might have been an even better fit. However, for average legs I would recommend sticking to your normal size.


The shorts are extremely light, and to be honest, I was afraid that they wouldn’t last long. Fuji proved me wrong though. The shorts have gone through a few months of tough no-gi sessions, and still look exactly the same as when I got them. The only problem I encountered was with the string, which removed itself during laundry. However, this is easy to solve by making a knot in the string, making it impossible to leave the shorts.


The looks are clean but definitely not boring. Using just a black and grey color scheme the shorts aren’t screaming for attention, but the design is pretty slick. Mount Fuji is shown on one leg, and the letters ‘FUJI’ are on the other. No snakes, flames, bulldogs or monkeys, so if you want to impress your friends with the fact that you train UFC, I would look for a different pair. However, if you like a clean but cool design, this is your pick.

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