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Ground Force Basic Gi V2

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Introducing the Ground Force Basic Gi V2: Your Ultimate Training Companion! Unleash your full potential on the mat with the upgraded Ground Force Basic Gi V2. Engineered to meet the demands of both beginners and seasoned practitioners, this gi is a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style.


  • 350GSM Pearl weave fabric jacket
  • 9oz Drill fabric pants
  • Tailored fit
  • Available in black, blue and white
  • White belt included

    🥋 **Exceptional Comfort**: Train for hours without discomfort. The Ground Force Basic Gi V2 is crafted from premium, breathable cotton fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable during intense sessions. Its lightweight design ensures fluid movement, allowing you to execute techniques with precision.

    🥋 **Enhanced Durability**: Built to endure the rigors of rigorous training, the Basic Gi V2 features reinforced stitching in key stress areas, making it exceptionally durable. This gi is designed to withstand intense grappling, rolling, and sparring, ensuring it remains a steadfast training partner for years to come.

    🥋 **Optimal Fit and Flexibility**: The improved cut and design of the Basic Gi V2 provide an exceptional fit that doesn't compromise on mobility. Whether you're working on submissions, sweeps, or throws, the gi's tailored construction allows for effortless movement, giving you the edge you need to excel in your techniques.

    🥋 **Sleek Design**: Make a statement on and off the mat with the minimalist yet elegant design of the Basic Gi V2. Its clean lines and high-quality finish exude professionalism and a deep respect for the tradition of martial arts.

    🥋 **Easy to Maintain**: The Ground Force Basic Gi V2 is designed with practicality in mind. Its pre-shrunk fabric ensures minimal shrinkage after washing, and its colorfast properties keep the gi looking vibrant and fresh even after multiple washes.

    Whether you're a dedicated white belt or a seasoned black belt, the Ground Force Basic Gi V2 is your trusted training companion that never compromises on quality, comfort, or style. Elevate your training experience and command the ground with confidence – choose the Ground Force Basic Gi V2 today!

    Customer Reviews

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    Quinten verheyden
    Ground Force Basic Gi V2 beginner's buy

    MUST BUY IF YOU WANNE START OFF CHEAP (exspecially with a free white belt included)

    Heavy (but i assume its the normal gi weight,leightweight gi are sold out..
    for a reason )

    Hot ( but i guess thats +-normal while rolling with another wearing a gi )

    DRYTIME 2days (but again i think its normal for most gi that they cant dry in a dryer so 2days to dry them)


    Perfekt GI for beginners

    Good quality, fits good and looks great. I feel like a Ninja in my black GI.

    Basic gi v2

    I’m 193 cm and weigh 80kg. A3L is sleightly baggy in the kimono and quite baggy on my legs. I don’t mind this as I don’t compete and do some judo on the side. If I want a better fit I’ll just shrink them to size from here. First 2 washes on 30 gave no shrinkage at all though.

    Quality is good, could also use it for some occasional judo practice.

    Fabric is still a bit rough, so I wear a long sleeve rash guard. A couple of chokes and grabs gave me some rash the first session. I expect this to become less over time.

    Ilmari Anzaldo Nokelainen

    Ground Force Basic Gi V2

    Camiel van Aken