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CauliBuds Compression Kit Black

Color: Black
CauliBuds are neodymium magnets encased by silicone material. They are used to prevent and treat cauliflower ear.

By placing a magnet on each side of the drained/swollen location, the magnets compress the area which would otherwise swell up and cause the cauliflower ear.

The CauliBuds Compression Kit includes:
- Large magnet set
- Small magnet set
- Storage container
- 2 sterilizing alcohol wipes
- Instructions

Warning: ​Neodymium magnets can interfere with pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Caulibuds are the best cure for preventing cauliflower ear

I got swelling on the ear from BJJ and had to get my ear drained three times. A doctor sliced open the ear to help drain in it and then sewed gauze either side to help keep it compressed. This went on for a few weeks with the ear re-swelling after each treatment. All of it pretty uncomfortable.

Jan from BJJ Fightgear helped me get caulibids within 3 days from ordering into the UK which was much appreciated.

The buds themselves removed the swelling within 24 hours and it hasn't recurred since.

Highly recommend the buds. I'm no longer stressed about my ears as I continue to train BJJ.

They work

You could wear probably wear the big ones the whole day if the ear is not in pain, but usually isn't the case. However, 3 days after being drained, they work perfectly under my ear protection to avoid new blood coming into the ear during rolling sessions. The small ones fit in the inside of the ear but I use them in the outside part for running or conditioning training. I tried normal neodymium magnets before but they hurt. If blood keeps coming intoo the ear use a bandage better the first days while no training, use Caulibuds during the training and cold and bandage again after the training. That worked for me.