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Progress Gis; What is the Right Size for Mr. X

Progress Gis; What is the Right Size for Mr. X

A question from Mr. X  Because of a Flash Sale on Progress Gis, I got a question today about the sizing of these BJJ kimonos from one of our customers. This guy is like a super important big boy in the government, wanted by the CIA, and is also a famous rock star, so I`ll just call him Mr. X for the sake of privacy. Because I was already writing a small review for Mr. X and had taken pictures, I thought why not upload it to the blog and share it with other people.

Comparing the Progress M6 to an Estilo 5.0 

I have compared a Progress M6 Kimono to an Estilo 5.0, to see what the difference in sizing is. Mr. X is a huge Tatami fan, so it`s easiest to compare the M6 BJJ Gi with his Tatami Estilo size, A2.

Image I first compared the Estilo with an A2 of the Progress M6 Gi. The jacket has the same length, but the sleeves are 6 cm shorter, and the chest area is wider (about 10 cm, from armpit to armpit). The pants are also 2 cm longer than the Estilo pants.

tatami details.JPG Mr. X had already taken a look at the size charts on the website, so was wondering if an A1L would be better. For most brands these in between sizes are a longer version of the same size (so an A1L for example is an A1 with longer sleeves and pants, but the same cut and width). So next thing I did was take out an A1L of the M6 Gi and compare it to the A2 Estilo. The sleeves of this size are still 3,5 cm longer than the Estilo, and the chest area 8 cm wider. The length of the jacket: 3 cm shorter than the Estilo, and the length of the pants are about the same.

A1, A1L or A2? 

Concluding: the sleeves are a bit of a problem for Mr. X, though they might still shrink to the right fit when taking an A1L, especially as I measured a white version (which shrinks more than the blue or black version). An A1 has shorter sleeves, but the jacket also becomes shorter (about 5 cm compared to the A2 Estilo). In any case, the Progress Gis just come a bit bigger than the Estilo. If you are really looking for a slim fit, this might not be the Gi for you (for people looking for an extra slim fit, I always recommend a Grips Gi btw). If you are built a bit bigger, or you prefer a bit more loose BJJ Gi, this can be a great choice though. The fabric of the M6 is very nice. Strong but soft. What I like about it personally is the design: a nice clean cut, with simple but stylish patches and embroidery.

progress embroids.JPG

Do you have experience with this Gi and do you want to help out Mr. X? 

Call us or send us an email with your feedback, and we`ll get you connected!

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