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Lightweight Gis

Lightweight Gis


The summer season has begun, and many Jiu Jitsu academies have started their summer schedule. A few weeks break from work or studies.. that means you have more time for training!

It`s going to be hot and sweaty, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a double weave Gi beast that is slowly choking the life out of you..

Top 6 lightweight BJJ Gis for the summer

For that reason, we compared 6 of our lightweight BJJ Gis, to look for the lightest Gi and stay cool during the summer. And if you won`t sweat off enough kilos this summer to stay within your weight limit at the next tournament, these Gis will save you that last piece to make weight. Another advantage of lightweight Gis is that they dry faster (especially good when you train often!), and they take up less space (for example when you`re travelling to a Jiu Jitsu summer training camp!).

Although there are many other factors that make a Jiu Jitsu Gi a good Gi, we looked at the actual weight of these lightweight Gi models. For all models we took the white Gi, as the color sometimes impacts the weight.

Gi Size Weight
Gameness Air Gi A2 1.336 kg
Buddha Basic Ultra Light Gi A2 1.436 kg
Fuji Suparaito Gi A2 1.455 kg
Tatami Estilo Leve Gi A2 1.498 kg
Tatami Zero G Gi A2 1.546 kg
Gameness Feather Gi A2 1.682 kg

And the winner is….

As you can see in the table above, the lightest Gi is the Gameness Air. Generally considered as one of the lightest Gis in the world, this Gi takes up very little space and can be easily carried around in a small backback. With only 1.3 kilograms, the light material of te Gi can definitely keep you cool during the summer.

For all models we compared only the A2, so if you have another size you obviously also need to take into account a difference in weight!

Difference in weight for different colors?

It is often said that blue or black Gis are heavier than white Gis. In our experience this differs per brand and Gi model. For some Gis, the colored version might actually be heavier because of the paint used. However, the black version of the Gameness Air Gi for example is even lighter than the white one (about a hundred grams lighter than the white version mentioned above).

For many Gis the colored versions are pre-shrunk, which might also impact the weight. When comparing the different color variations of the Estilo Leve Gi however, they are exactly the same weight.

Keep training this summer! And stay cool!

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