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Quick Gi Review: Hyperfly Icon II BJJ Gi

Quick Gi Review: Hyperfly Icon II BJJ Gi

Hyperfly Icon 2 Gi is the new version of Icon Gi. Icon 2 has a lot of reinforced features that make it even more durable and stronger. The Gi complies with IBJJF regulations, so it is suitable both for training and tournament.  

Technical details and design

The jacket is made out of 425 GSM pearl weave and the pants are made out of 10oz drill cotton. The jacket and the pants have a double layer of fabric on the edges of the cuffs and also a couple rows of extra stitching for extra reinforcement. This makes the total weight of the Gi 1.7 kilos in size A2L. The jacket has a rounded side cut that prevents corners from curling up.

The Icon Gi has a plain minimalistic design.There is "YOU CAN’T TEACH HEART" print inside the jacket. It is available in 2 colors, black and white, and has a wide range of sizes, including the extra-long and short sizes. 

Quick Gi Review

Watch the full video to see pros and cons of Hyperfly Icon 2 Gi.

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