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Lightweight Gi Guide 2021

Lightweight Gi Guide 2021

What is a lightweight gi and how to select what suits you? 

For this article we have selected gis that have a total weight of no more than 1.5 kg for a size A2. This guide is made for you so you will be able to easily select the lightweight gi that suits you best. All gis are evaluated based on fit, quality of the fabric, design and of course weight.

Let’s have a look at 2021’s most popular lightweight gis.

Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi

This one is the most basic and affordable lightweight on our list. For only 79 euros you can own a reliable lightweight gi with a minimalistic clean design. 

The gi is very slim fit. The gi actually so slim fit that it would be great to see some husky sizes in the future. As not all of us jiu jitsu guys are following the Gracie Diet. 

The quality of the fabric is really good though. Especially because you could consider this a budget lightweight gi. In this case that doesn’t mean lower quality. The composition of the fabric is a mix of cotton and polyester. This is perfect for lightweight gis since it’s stronger than 100% cotton and also shrinks less. So even if the gi fits you a bit tight, you don’t have to expect a lot of shrinkage. 

The design is quite clean and minimalistic. The logos are all done in embroidery. I think that’s a nice detail for a gi on a budget since embroidery will make a gi look much more premium right away than cheap patches for example. To give the gi that little extra they added contrast stitching. It’s a very simple detail that makes a gi look more premium right away. 

The weight of this one is perfect if you’re looking to go ultra-light. My A2 has an overall weight of 1.3 kg. I would say this will make it easy to be on weight at tournaments. 


Inverted Gear Light Pearl BJJ Gi 

Inverted Gear is known for making gis that are a bit baggier. The Light Pearl gi is no different in this regard. What’s good to know about the fit is that for tall and slim people they have created an ‘S’ size, like A2S for example. Usually the ‘S’ stands for short. Meaning the sleeves and pants are a bit shorter. With Inverted Gear the ‘S’ stands for slim and tall. Making an A2S in slimmer but taller than the regular A2. 

The quality of the fabric is really nice. The is made from 100% cotton. You can expect a bit of shrinkage here. What I like about cotton is that it usually feels really soft. What stands out is that they used 12oz ripstop for the pants. This a lot heavier and thicker than most lightweight gis use. Still the total weight of the gi is only 1.5 kg for a size A2. 

The design is quite simple. There’s an inverted panda on both sleeves at the height of the shoulders. The panda is done in the same color as the gi. That’s the only branding on the gi. I think it looks really cool, but I can understand that for some people this design is just too clean. 

Tatami Leve BJJ Gi

The new version of the Estilo Leve gi is here! It’s not an Estilo anymore though. It’s just called the Tatami Leve gi now. And Leve it is! This one has a total weight of 1.3 kg for a size A2. 

The fit is not as slim as the Ground Force gi and not as baggy as the Inverted Gear gi. So, if you’re looking for something in the middle this might be perfect. 

The fabric is made of 100% cotton. Usually this stands for more shrinkage than a mix of cotton and polyester but after several training and washing sessions I didn’t notice much shrinkage. This is really a huge improvement compared to the old model. I remember that one shrinking at least one whole size over time. 

The quality of the fabric feels solid. It’s a strong gi for a lightweight model. I did notice that the fabric stretches out a bit during training. I reckon this because the gi is 100% cotton and people are constantly pulling at the fabric. It was not really in the way during training, but it could be annoying at times. 

The new Tatami Leve gi has a very clean design. The gi has a Tatami logo on both shoulders and on the bottom of the pants. That’s it. I do really like this new Tatami logo. It looks like something a tech company would use. 

Fuji Sports Suparaito BJJ Gi

One of my personal favorites is the Fuji Suparaito gi. I have trained and competed in this gi so much already. This is really a lightweight gi that never disappoints, a reliable option for competitions as well. 

This one is also pretty slim fit. That’s why I like it for competitions. An A2 fits me so I barely pass the gi check. That makes it a bit more difficult for my opponent to make grips. A size A2 weighs 1.4 kg. This makes it easy to be on weight as well of course. 

The fabric is made of a cotton polyester mix and feels very strong. The fabric doesn’t stretch out at all when people are pulling on it and the gi doesn’t shrink much. 

I would call the design a typical Fuji Sports minimalistic design. What stands out most is the contrast stitching and the quality of the embroidery. 

I like this gi for training and competing because it’s exceptionally light in combination with very strong material and a stiff collar that makes it easy to break grips. 

Storm Stealth T357 Lightweight BJJ Gi 

For anyone looking for something special. This might be the one. The quality of the Storm Stealth T357 is exceptional. You will notice right away that the embroidery is done with some precision work. I haven’t seen this with any other brand before. 

The gi fits comfortable, not slim fit at all but also not too baggy. The gi weighs 1.4 kg for a size A2 and this doesn’t have the regular pearl weave. The jacket is woven with a Japanese weave. I feel the Japanese weave allows more air to pass through. That will keep cooler overall so that a good thing. 

The fabric of the gi feels really strong. This one also doesn’t shrink much, and yes, the gi is also made of a cotton/ polyester mix. 

A nice little detail is that Storm made the fabric at the bottom of the pants and at the end of the sleeves a bit thicker. That makes the gi harder to grab. Storm calls this ‘zero hold technology’. I noticed that the gi has a very thick collar though. A bit too thick. I felt it’s very easy to grab and to hold on too. This makes braking grips here more difficult. 

Overall, this is an awesome gi, the design is really something special and the quality and feel of the fabric are premium material for sure! This is the most expensive lightweight gi from this guide, but when you see the gi you immediately see why. 


Last notes

I didn’t mention it with all the individual gis, but all of them come with ripstop pants. This is very common for lightweight gis. Ripstop is just reinforced fabric. Using reinforced fabric makes it easier to use light fabric. We do want a light gi but we don’t want the fabric to rip because it’s too thin of course. 

Another big plus about lightweight gis in general is that they fit in your bag much better than a heavier gi. Especially after training when they’re filled up with sweat. This is also why I like competing in a lightweight gi. They fit in my bag so well that I can bring two in case one rips. 

Hope this guide helps you select the right lightweight gi for you. If you have any questions always feel free to contact us.


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