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How BJJ Gyms get Designed and Build (with Fuji Mats)

How BJJ Gyms get Designed and Build (with Fuji Mats)

There are many things people look at when choosing a BJJ gym to train. Different people have different criteria on what they find important. In this article you can find a few important points to keep in mind on how people view your gym, and what new members are looking for.


If you have a well planned and thought-out gym, people will definitely come to you because the gym will provide them with all necessary facilities. For example, desk at the front door will make it more convenient for new people coming in to receive any kind of information. Changing rooms and showers will make it possible for jiu jitsu practitioners to train right before or after the job. Lockers will assure security of private things (phone, keys).


It is important that the gym has walkways, mat rings, sub floor systems and wall padding. Additionally, the installation should be done in a correct way. This will help members to feel safe, so they can fully concentrate on training.


If the gym is good-looking, it gives off a good vibe. People will be more enthusiastic and motivated to practice jiu jitsu. They will attend the classes more often, which is beneficial both for them and for the gym.

If you are interested in building your own BJJ gym, make sure you watch the video below. Patrick from Fuji Mats describes step-by-step how BJJ gyms are designed and built.

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