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Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi Review

Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi Review

There’s a new lightweight gi on the jiu jitsu market, the Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi. The gi is ultralight and designed perfectly for competition. Let’s have an inside look at what this gi can do for you! 

The gi is made of a 350GSM pearl weave jacket and 8oz ripstop pants. This ultralight gi weighs only 1.3kg in size A2. Both the fabric of the pants and jacket are made of a poly/cotton mix. This ensures the gi is not just lightweight, but also durable. The pearl weave is a very breathable weave that will make sure you stay nice and cool during heated battles on the mat. 

IBJJF legal:
What would a lightweight competition gi be without being competition legal? So of course, this one is designed be allowed in all competitions. All branding is placed in a legal way and the gi is only available in the IBJJF legal colors, white, black, and blue. 

Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi Back logo detail image

The fabric feels nice and light but not too thin. For example, the pants won’t get see-through, not even when you have a tough competition training for example. With some lightweight gis this is an issue because fabric is just too thin. Of course, thin fabric is lightweight, but we don’t want to reveal to much here. Luckily, Ground Force recognized this and made some solid ripstop pants to avoid the pants getting see-through. 

One thing that does happen with ripstop pants is that when they get sweaty, they get a bit sturdier. This can influence your movement slightly. This is something that happens with almost all ripstop pants and isn’t a big issue in general. But it’s good know before buying your first gi with ripstop pants. 

The upside of using ripstop in a poly/cotton mix is that it is super strong. That’s of course also why Ground Force chose to use ripstop for their lightweight competition gi. The last thing you want at a competition is that you rip your pants. Well, they made sure you don’t have to worry about that. 

I really like the jacket as well. It’s very standard for a lightweight jacket actually. I think 350GSM pearl weave jackets are most suitable for lightweight gis. The pearl weave is very strong, and the jacket is reinforced with double fabric in all the right places. It’s really a no-nonsense jacket, with not that many fancy things like double stitching, extra reinforced sleeves. It’s just made with all the essentials in mind.   

Fit and feel: 
The Ground Force Lightweight Competition gi has a slim fit. If you tried their basic model already you know what to expect. 

Even though the jacket is slim fit, it’s still very comfortable while rolling. They did an awesome job with creating this tailored comfy jacket. What I did notice at first was the new tapering on the jacket felt a bit rougher than with other brands. It feels like it would be in the way when training, but during training it wasn’t bothering me one bit. 

The pants fit quite normal. They also look nice and tailored when you wear them but when training nothing is in the way or too tight. 

The only thing is that the ripstop can get sturdier during the tough training sessions. The combination of sweat and ripstop seems to be make the fabric a bit rougher. Good thing about that though is that it’s also harder to grab the pants. 

Overall fit and feel of this gi is great. I personally like the slim fit from Ground Force. If you like your gi a bit baggier you might want look further or wait for the husky sizes. 

Ground Force Lightweight Comp BJJ Gi Details

Ground Force did do a nice job on the design. Of course, the basic gi looks basic, but with the lightweight competition gi they really stepped up their game. 

The gi has a Ground Force logo on the back of the neck, on the left sleeve and on the bottom of the right pant leg. The brand name is embroidered on the front left side of the jacket. I really like that the logo and brand text are all embroidered and not too big. As a bonus the gi comes with contrast stitching and has GF tapering inside the sleeves and on the outside bottom line of the jacket. The color combinations look pretty cool as well. The blue has white logos and white stitching, black gi as well and the white gi has black logos and stitching.  

With this new design I think they did make a really nice job creating a solid lightweight competition gi. Especially the tapering and contrast stitching make the gi look like a premium light gi. You don’t often see those kind of design details for a gi in this price range. 

If you are looking for a lightweight gi on budget this is a very good option. For only 79.00 euros you own a Ground Force Lightweight Competition gi. This is a really good price for an awesome looking durable lightweight gi. 

Of course, there are still some improvements to be made. I would like to see the tapering on the inside to be a bit softer for example. 

The comfortable slim fit and minimalistic premium looking design make this an awesome gi for me. 

Really like the feel of the jacket. The ripstop pants can get a bit sturdier when the pants get sweaty, but that’s a common problem with almost all ripstop pants. Overall, this is a great gi for anyone who likes the lighter, more comfortable gis. For the guys that need to make weight the Ground Force Lightweight Competition gi is perfect with only 1.3 kg for a size A2.


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