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Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi Review

The Fuji Lightweight gi is in my opinion one of the most underrated Fuji Sports gis out there. It doesn’t get the attention it deserves. 

The jacket is 450GSM pearl weave and made of a poly/ cotton mix. The gi comes with 10oz twill cotton pants. The gi is available in four different colours, white, black, blue and grey. The Lightweight gi has a thick collar which makes the gi hard to grip. The 450GSM jacket also makes it more difficult for your opponent or training partner to grab. 

The gi weighs 1.8kg for a size A2. That makes the name of the gi maybe a bit misleading. Of course, this all depends on how you define what is a lightweight gi. In my book a lightweight gi has to be at least under 1.6kg though. But that does mean this Fuji Sports Lightweight gi is not actually a lightweight gi. This does not mean that it’s not an awesome gi. Because it definitely is. 

The fit of the gi is like a baggy slim fit. It fits tailored but not too tight and gives you plenty of space to move around in. For those that already know the Fuji All Around gi, the fit of this one is quite similar and the gi could be described as a light version of the All Around. 

Fuji Lightweight BJJ Gi

What I really like about the gi: 
What I really like is the cool, clean, minimalistic design. The gi has Fuji embroidered logos on the sleeve, the back of the neck and on the pants. The quality of the fabric is great as well, it makes for a very strong and durable gi. Combine that with the high-quality embroidery and subtle Fuji Sports branded tapering in the sleeves and on the bottom of the jacket and you have a very smooth looking and durable gi. 

I also like that the gi comes with normal twill cotton pants. To me ripstop always becomes a bit rough when you are in a heavy training session and it gets sweaty. Ripstop should be used when you are making a gi as light as possible and when you still want to produce a strong product anyway. For this one it’s not necessary since the gi is not designed to be ultra-light. What is also really nice, the pants with a standard cotton flat cord. This might make it look less fancy, but this is so much more functional. A flat cotton cord will most likely only have to be tied once every training. If you don’t want to be that guy that makes his training partner wait 30 seconds every time you switch rounds this gi is for you! Only the IBJJF legal colours have the flat cord though. You might want to keep that in mind when looking at the grey one. The grey version of the gi does look really cool but it does come with the more fancy looking bungee cord, also you’re not allowed to compete in a grey gi if the tournament follow the rules of the IBJJF strictly. 

What I don’t like about the gi: 
I’m actually a big fan of this gi and I use it all the time. But there are some downsides as well. What I don’t really like is that there are no in-between sizes available for this one. That makes the gi just less accessible for a lot of people. It would be a big plus if we would see some L and H sizes in the future. 

The grey gi looks really awesome. The only downside is that they decided to put the bungee cord in this one, instead of the standard flat cord the other ones have. I mean, why change a winning team?! 

While technically not being a lightweight gi, the Fuji Sports Lightweight gi is still only 1.8kg for a size A2. That also doesn’t make it a heavy gi either. For most people, the weight will still even be fine for competition. Actually, I really like this one for competition since the fabric and collar of the jacket are difficult to grab. 

As a training gi this one is perfect if you don’t like the heavy gis. What makes it great is the durability. This one is definitely designed to withstand tough times. 

Fuji did an awesome job not just on the quality but also the design is Fuji worthy. The minimalistic design in combination with high quality embroidery and slick looking Fuji tapering will make you look good out there on the mat. 

Overall, you will get a really good gi that will give you that premium gi feel when you put it on. It’s perfect for training but also great for competition. Just keep in mind that for most competitions the grey gi won’t be allowed.

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