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Fuji Baseline BJJ Gi Review

Fuji Baseline BJJ Gi Review

We took a good look at the new beginners gi by Fuji Sports, the Baseline gi. The Baseline gi is the successor of the Fuji Saisho gi. They really gave their beginners gi a complete overhaul for the best. The Baseline gi comes with many upgrades compared to the Saisho. Let’s take a deeper look into Fuji’s new beginners gi. 

The gi has a light 350GSM poly/ cotton jacket and the pants are very light as well and made of twill cotton. This does make for a light gi overall. A size A2 only weighs 1.4kg actually. This is around the same as most lightweight gis. The pants will be tied by a standard cotton flat cord. I always find this a huge plus because it is just a lot more practical then a bungee cord for example. 

The jacket has double fabric on the inside at the stress points. At the end of the sleeves and bottom of the pants there are no extra fabric reinforcements. Too be a solid beginners gi that’s also not necessary but it would have been a great way to make the gi standout more. 

Overall the gi has good specs and a very good price/ quality ratio. 

IBBJF legal
For those out there that worry if they can compete in this gi, worry no more! The gi comes in the following IBJJF legal colours: white, black and blue. All patches and embroidery are placed so the gi is suitable for competition as well. 
Fuji Baseline BJJ Gi - IBJJF Legal Colours
This makes the gi a very good choice for beginners that are already thinking of competing in the future or anyone else that is looking for an affordable gi that’s also suitable for competitions. Another big plus is that the gi is on the light side as well. That will give you an easier time at the weigh-ins. 

Fabric upgrade
Where the fabric of the Saisho gi could feel a bit artificial, the Baseline gi feels really nice. Even though the jacket is made of a poly/ cotton mix it gives a natural feel. The fabric of the pants of the gi is very thin though. The white pants can get a bit see-through during a rough training session because of that. That’s maybe a downside for some. The black and blue version obviously don’t have this problem. Even though the fabric of the pants is thin, that doesn’t undermine the quality. I feel that these pants will definitely not rip easy. So fabric wise, you can definitely expect to receive Fuji quality with this gi.  

Fit and feel
Fuji definitely improved the fit for their new beginners gi. Where the Saisho had an odd baggy fit, the Baseline gi has a nice, tailored fit. The kind of fitting you can expect from Fuji.
Fuji Baseline BJJ Gi Fit
With the new tailored fit the Baseline gi will much more suitable for most people. The Saisho could fit a bit awkward, the Baseline will feel like a true Fuji Sports kimono. 

The feel of the fabric is also completely different. Both gis are made of a poly/ cotton mix but the fabric of the Baseline feels much more natural than the fabric of its predecessor. For me this is one of the best improvements. 

The Saisho could feel a bit artificial when it got sweaty. I’m not sure how but this has been fixed completely. 

The design is actually a bit flashier than what you expect from Fuji. The gi has an embroidered neck logo and patches on the shoulders and pants. I’m not really a big fan of the patches. I always like Fuji gis for their minimalistic design and high-quality kimonos. 

They did add a fun detail to the free white belt that’s included. Every gi comes with a specific colour combination. The black one is black with red logos, the blue gi has white logos and the white gi has blue logos. That additional colour comes back in the label of belt that’s included. So basically, the gi comes with a free custom white belt, you can buy it separately like this. I think that little detail makes this gi a special one.  

This new beginners gi by Fuji Sports comes with solid specifications and is light but also durable. Great plus is that you can also use it for all BJJ tournaments out there since the gis are IBJJF legal. 

Compared to the Saisho the Basline gi’s fabric has much more natural feel. On top of that the fit of the gi has been improved. The Baseline gi comes with a comfortable slim fit that’s expected by Fuji. 

The design is a bit different than what you are used to from Fuji. I think this is the only gi they have that comes with patches on the shoulders and pants. All other Fuji gis have a much more minimalistic design. 

Overall Fuji made a very much improved new beginners gi compared to their old Saisho model. The price is set at 69 euros, which to be honest is a good price for a Fuji quality gi.

Quick Gi Review
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