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3 Steps To find Your Soulmate in the Jiu Jitsu Scene

3 Steps To find Your Soulmate in the Jiu Jitsu Scene

Wouldn`t it be great to share your passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with that OTHER love of your life? To pack your gym bags together, instead of hearing “Are you training AGAIN tonight? I thought we would watch a movie together…”. No worries, we are going to help you to find your soulmate in the Jiu Jitsu scene. 

Step 1. Getting out of obscurity  Once you`ve found someone that makes your heart beat faster, you need to play yourself into the picture. You`re not getting anything done unless your future Jiu Jitsu lover starts paying attention to you. Here are some tips to get out of obscurity and get noticed:

  • Pick out the toughest guy or girl that you can beat in your academy, and fold him or her like folding laundry, with the person still in it.
  • Dress to impress: wear a slick Gi. For example a kimono with nice contrast stitching, some cool artwork in the lining, or one made by a brand that really embodies the arte suave.
  • Invent your own techniques. Experiment to find your own signature moves, or develop your own new Jiu Jitsu techniques.

Step 2. Rolling with your future soulmate  

After making an awesome first impression by submitting some people with your innovative new armbar or choke, it`s time to move forward and roll with your future BJJ soulmate. First off, the basics. Take care of your hygiene: wash your Gi and body, and wear a rash guard underneath your Gi. When asking her or him to roll with you, be confident, and be yourself. How to keep the ball rollin`  During training, you can ask about your soulmate`s interests (whut?? yes, it`s possible people are interested in things besides Jiu Jitsu). Don`t talk about your last skin infection, unless you got it while tapping a 5th degree black belt. What if she or he is better than you?  In case the skills of your new crush are better than yours, there is not much you can do. Just be a gentleman/lady, and leave your ego off the mat (like you should always do). 

Step 3. Going to the next level  Because of your mutual passion for Jiu Jitsu, you have the ultimate weapon at your disposal to get a first date: private training together! There are 2 options:

  1. Your Jiu Jitsu is better: “Do you need help? We could do some extra training together.”
  1. Her or his Jiu Jitsu is better: “Do you know some cool techniques that you can teach me? Perhaps we could do some extra training together.”

Disclaimer: we cannot be held responsible for anything that might or might not happen during private training. 

The aftermath: what to do when it doesn`t work out  If in the end the person turns out not to be your soulmate and it all ends, it`s good to make some clear agreements about your BJJ training. After all, you still want to continue training at your academy after you decided not to be together. Agree on how you guys will keep your distance, or, if one of you pulled off something bad to cause the break-up, perhaps you need to consider one of you moving to another gym. If you are heart-broken, don`t lose yourself, staying up late, drinking Acai shakes until you pass out. Just focus on your training, as it can take your mind in the right direction and heal your soul! 

Already have a partner? How to get `em hooked to BJJ  In case you already found your soulmate, but she or he is not into Jiu Jitsu, you would have adopt a reverse approach. Here are a couple of tips that can help you with introducing your significant other to Jiu Jitsu: - One thing you could do to introduce your woman or man to Jiu Jitsu and making sure they like it, is finding some nice partners for the first class. This will make the experience a lot better! - Another thing you could do is some warming up at home, and already teach a few basic techniques. - Just go sparring with her, even when she doesn't like it! She will want to be able to do something about it and finally will accept your offer to join a BJJ class! 

Bon voyage!  You now have all the knowledge you need, to go out and make your love life an amazing journey! Good luck, and let us know how it worked out for you!

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