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Sport bags

What better way is there to bring your BJJ fight gear than in a Jiu Jitsu gear bag! In our shop we sell many types of sports bags from different BJJ brands. All bags are of excellent quality and all have their own characteristics. For example; refrigerated compartments for drinks, extra pockets and waterproof fabric. Look around! 


Sport bags

BJJ Fight Gear delivers the widest range of Jiu Jitsu gear in Europe. Our Jiu Jitsu gear is made of high quality materials. Next to our fight gear we also deliver some BJJ streetwear products including these gear bags. All products we sell have been chosen out of the need of our customers. The bags we provide are from different BJJ brands. When buying a new gear bag, it is useful to ask yourself the following questions:

- Backpack or shoulder bag? How much do I want to be able to carry? A backpack is easier for cycling, easy for daily use and better in use for your back than a bag over the shoulder is. All together backpacks have a smaller capacity than shoulder bags, which brings us to the next question!

- How much space do I need in my new gear bag? Are you just going to training and come back home, or do you have to bring stuff for the whole weekend? Do you need a lot of space and/or do you have to bring your whole wardrobe somewhere? We would recommend a shoulder bag. Are you walking a lot, then a backpack might be more convenient.

- Waterproof or not? If you often take books and/or you have to cycle around a lot,  it might be  useful to have a waterproof bag, definitely if you live in an area where it rains frequently. When you don’t mind your stuff might be getting wet(ter) you can choose any bag you like.

- What kind of extra’s does my sports bag need? Do I need a lot of different spaces? On BJJ Fightgear we sell bags with different functions and different amounts of compartments. There are bags with mesh pockets, with cooling pockets, shoe compartments or with a double main compartment. In some bags there even is a special compartment for your tablet or phone!


With our slogan 100% Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we are doing our best to keep our BJJ customers happy! Do you have tips or miss certain products or bags? Do you have any questions about the capacity of the bags, quality or something else entirely? Please contact our BJJ Fightgear customer service and we will try to help you the best we can!