Shoyobalm After Workout

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This is the Shoyobalm after Workout! This balm consists of a powerful mix of essential oils which soothes, relaxes, lightens and eases your post training recovery where you need it after a hard Workout like Cross training. The Harpagophytum extract will help you with stiffed joints, the famous wintergreen Shoyobalm used is frequently used by professionals in the field of sport to ease sore muscles and joints. To stimulate and revive your body Ginger, peppermint and clean clover essential oils were added..


Take a small amount on finger tips and apply evenly with circular motion on a clean and dry skin once or twice a day.


Arnica - Harpagophytum - Shea butter - Bee wax - Sesam oil - Piment extract

Ginger - Rosemary Camphor - Clove - Eucalyptus narrow leaf - Field mint - Cajeput - Wintergreen – Camphor