Scramble RWB Shorts

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Say hello to the Scramble RWB shorts; check out this new EDIFIT construction.

We’ll explain to you what RWB stand for:

The R stands for ramifications. Because there will be serious ramifications of you not buying these.

The W stands for whisky. Because why not right? Whisky whisky whisky.

And the B stands for big mistake. Because it would be a big mistake not to buy these awesome RWB Scramble shorts to steal the show with on the mats!

These shorts are part of the Scramble RWB set. Get the rashguard and shorts together too to look more than cool! These shorts are perfect for NoGi sparring or MMA!



  • 80% Polyester/20% Spandex
  • Unisex
  • 0,3 kg