Scramble Grip Trainer Ninja

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On the pictures on the left you can see an example of how to use the handles.


Do you also find it so annoying when a big dude with a mustache shakes your hand and squeezes it all fine? Would not you also like to have Tom Selleck?

You now need that grip that creates all fronts thanks to the Scramble Grip Trainer.

We have an up-to-the-minute approach, and this is the result. The griptrainer is made of strong 550 gram / m2 pearl bond BJJ kimono fabric, and is easy to make huge on drawbars, kettlebells, etc.

Practice your lapel grip, spider guard grip, gun of joystick grip ... the possibilities are endless! You can do all the handles, you can also be this grip trainer.

Improve the power of your grip for jiu jitsu, judo, no gi and MMA with the Scramble Grip Trainer.

Read the operating instructions before use and follow the instructions and recommendations.

You receive 1 pair of grip trainers per piece, so 2 pieces.