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Ground Force Post Workout

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Haal meer uit je BJJ training met de Ground Force Post Workout. Alles wat je lichaam nodig heeft voor optimaal herstel, inclusief BCAA, creatine, citrulline, ashwagandha, en spinaziepoeder! 

Uitsluitend de beste ingrediënten in hoge doseringen, voor herstel van je spieren na de workout.

Gebruik: Neem direct na de training een shake.

Customer Reviews

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What I drink after BJJ/Conditioning

I have waited quite a while to post my review, but now that I have used the product for quite a while here are my findings:

The drink dissolves in water just fine, and the taste is great (very individual and probably depending on your personal preference) and does not taste as artificial as other products.
I find it helps me regenerate especially on days that contain more than one Class/Workout.
I feel better rested the day after and dont feel as much muscle fatigue so I can join more classes.

I love the Ground Force Postworkout!

Alberto Guzmán
Must have

What you need to recover after a good training is in here, must have👐🏻👐🏻👐🏻

Maarten Bauwens
Perfect supplement after bjj training

I like it because it gives my body all the nutrients it needs after a hard bjj session. It is also light on the stomach so I can eat my meal afterwards when i'm home.

Daily routine

I use this post workout shake after every training, both BJJ and S&C. The taste is surprisingly good, and so is the content. It helps my recovery a lot and training twice a day feels less straining when I use this shake.