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  • Ground Force Premium BJJ Gi Review
    septiembre 10, 2021 Team Lightyear

    Ground Force Premium BJJ Gi Review

    There’s a new premium gi on the market and it got my attention right away. It’s the first premium gi from the relatively new brand Ground Force. It looks great, it feels great and is very affordable. If you’re into...

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  • Atama Classic BJJ Gi Review
    septiembre 9, 2021 Team Lightyear

    Atama Classic BJJ Gi Review

    Atama has the reputation of making high-quality, old-school type kimonos. The Atama Classic BJJ Gi is one of their best sellers. This is the new version of their single weave gi. It’s a no-nonsense kimono with a nice clean design,...

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  • The Defense Soap Guide
    septiembre 8, 2021 Team Lightyear

    The Defense Soap Guide

    Defense Soap, the soap that keeps us all clean and training every day. It’s specifically created for grapplers/ wrestlers and Defense Soap has much more to offer than your regular soap. It protects us mat rats from all sorts of...

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  • Tatami Fightwear Leve BJJ Gi Review
    septiembre 7, 2021 Team Lightyear

    Tatami Fightwear Leve BJJ Gi Review

    We have been waiting for a while but the new Tatami Leve gi is finally here! You might know this model back from when it was an Estilo Leve. Now it’s just called Tatami Leve and the gi is definitely...

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  • Lightweight Gi Guide 2021
    junio 2, 2021 Team Lightyear

    Lightweight Gi Guide 2021

    What is a lightweight gi and how to select what suits you?  For this article we have selected gis that have a total weight of no more than 1.5 kg for a size A2. This guide is made for you...

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  • Storm Stealth T357 BJJ Gi Review
    mayo 20, 2021 Team Lightyear

    Storm Stealth T357 BJJ Gi Review

    To be honest, I knew Storm back from when I was training at a Gracie Barra gym. For anyone familiar with the old Gracie Barra Storm gis, you understand why my opinion about the brand was on the low side....

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  • The Ground Force No Gi Guide
    abril 28, 2021 Jan van Haperen

    La guía No Gi de Ground Force

    La primavera está en el aire y el verano está a la vuelta de la esquina. Es el momento perfecto para empezar a pensar en quitarse el gi y empezar a centrarse en tus habilidades de nogi. ¿Qué es lo...

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  • Ground Force Basic BJJ Gi Review
    abril 24, 2021 Jan van Haperen

    Reseña del Gi de BJ Ground Force Basic

    Tuve el placer de probar el primer gi de la marca Ground Force. Para ser su primer gi, han creado un modelo muy sólido para principiantes. Lo primero que notarás al ponerte el gi es que tiene un ajuste fino...

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