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Are you training MMA or NoGi BJJ? Training in a fightshort is highly recommended above normal trainings short, believe us! The comfort, the material and the mobility are so much nicer. A real eye-opener in terms of NoGi training! Do you want any more information about fightshorts? Check out the bottom of this page.

On BJJ Fightgear we offer a wide range of different fightshorts from different brands. From the most basic shorts to ranked fightshorts. We also offer more special unique shorts with designs from BJJ designers like Chris Burns. The High quality is noticeable in every fightshort. When you’d like to buy fightshorts, it is useful to keep the next questions in mind:

- What will I use it for? When you will only use your new fightshorts for BJJ NoGi training/grappling, knock yourself out, you can choose anything you like. BUT if you would like to compete in the more serious competitions, where IBJJF rules apply, you will need black, white or black/white shorts in order to compete.

- How do I wash my fightshorts? When you are not paying attention and put your fightshorts with your rashguard, there is a big change you will ruin your rashguard. Compression gear will peal because of VELCRO! Be careful with this, often fightshorts are closed with Velcro, some of the fightshorts we sell on BJJ Fightgear do actually have closing systems which are made with anti-peeling Velcro but still. We recommend you to wash your fightshorts OR the rest of your compression clothing in a laundry bag.

- SO, when you buy fightshorts, read the description about the closing system carefully, it is anyway safe to buy a laundry bag.

When you train BJJ NoGi, MMA or grappling fightshorts are a must. On we sell all the gear you need for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. All your BJJ Gi’s, NoGi rashguards, spats and fightshorts online. The fight gear we sell is from top-quality BJJ and grappling brands like Tatami, Venum and Scramble. These brands are very popular in the world of Jiu Jitsu.