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XXL Nutrition is the most populair shop for supplements in Europe, for this reason and because XXL Nutrition guarantees high quality supplements we felt like it was time to add this brand to the BJJ Fightgear cataloque for an even more extensive assortment! We have, just like XXL Nutrition a love for sports, for this reason the quality of our nutrition and supplements is of great importance!



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XXL Nutrition

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XXL Nutrition offers you products which are a good addition to the diet of intensive sporting athletes. The supplements XXL Nutrition offers you are very usefull for martial arts like BJJ, MMA and grappling but also for fitness. When you’re practicing a martial art it is important for balanced muscles to also practice some fitness or strength training. This for the simple reason that when practicing a martial art a lot of athletes tend to train one side of the body more excessively, just by practicing techniques more on one side then on the other which results in a bit of a crooked built-up of muscles. By practicing a bit of fitness next to your usual training you will be able to balance this. By using some supplements of XXL Nutrition you will be able to recover quick and you will not have to skip any of your usual training sessions. XXL Nutrition offers you perfect whey protein powder, Creatine Monohydraat, calcium and fish oil among others!