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War Tribe is a Martial Arts brand wanting to create innovative fightgear for any Jiu Jitsu or MMA athlete. They are passionate about sports and love to be involved in the culture and industry of the world of the Martial Arts.  Live with undying commitment. Be the best you.


War Tribe

Gi's, Belts

BJJ for everyone and all day long. That is what we are trying to achieve here at BJJ Fightgear. We want to support every Jiu Jitsu and other martial artist by providing a variety of quality gear from all kinds of different brands. We started selling War Tribe gear not too long ago to expand our assortment. Now, War Tribe is exclusively available in Europe at BJJ Fightgear! The goal War Tribe set for itself is to elevate the sport and to promote the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle by supporting athletes with their innovative products. Need any help finding a Gi or anything else? Please contact our BJJ Fightgear customerservice!