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Tatami Fightwear is a popular Brazilian Jiujitsu and Grappling brand. We offer the entire range of Tatami’s awesome Gi as well as NoGi products. The Tatami BJJ Gis, rashguards, fightshorts, spats, and gearbags are known worldwide for their quality and affordable prices. 

Tatami Fightwear

Gi's, Belts, Rashguards, Fightshorts, Spats, T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Pants, Caps, Head Gear, Gloves, Mitts and Pads, Knee and Shinpads, Protection and Support, Care products, Bags, Accessories


The Tatami Fightwear collection consists of a wide range of great BJJ and NoGi, grappling and MMA gear. BJJ Fightgear provides you with all the gear you need of this great and populair BJJ brand. Tatami Fightwear was established with the ideal to provide great quality Gis and other fightgear like rashguards, fightshorts and spats for affordable prices. Right now Tatami’s products are available in over 30 countries and through over 300 BJJ academies! If you would like to know more about Tatami Fightwear and all their different Gis, we suggest you to check out this Tatami blog article!

Tatami Fightwear also sponsors some of the best fighters across the world like JT Torres, Kit Dale, Robson Moura, Alexander Trans, Pablo Popovitch, Dean Lister, Michelle Nicolini and Mike Fowler!