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SISU Sports brings you a new generation of mouthguards. More comfortable then anything you’ve seen before. Super-slim mouthguards between the 1,6 to 2,4 millimetres thick… on BJJ Fightgear we sell the thicker one since it is said to be better for combat sports. SISU allows you to keep your guard in your mouth while talking, breathing, drinking and sparring without any problem! 



SISU Sports

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The SISU Sports mouthguards won’t get in the way of your game, they are moulded perfectly around your teeth, by using the revolutionary Diffusix technology the SISU mouthguards are eight times tougher and 30-50 % stronger than conventional mouthguards. Because of the fact that the SISU mouthguards are so small, you won’t have to remove it to talk, breath or drink, which means you won’t all the time be transferring germs from your dirty hands to your mouth. These mouthguards are so small you will forget you are even wearing a mouthguard! Furthermore, you can remold the SISU mouthguard up to 20 times to ensure the best fit. Simply put the guard in hot water and remould it! Check out how to mould the mouthguard in this video from the GI Experts.

The SISU Sports mouthguards are great for every combat sport like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, kickboxing, boxing and grappling… whatever you want!