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This is Shoyobalm, a balm rich in active essential oils. The Shoyobalm products are an eco-friendly and help you as an athlete to recover and relax at the same time after rigorous training. Every different Shoyobalm is made for a specific kind of training keeping in mind the different kind of ways muscles are used in each different workout.




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Shoyobalm is established in 2016 by Julien Rousseau; a nature lover who is also passionate about sport and aromatherapy. He started Shoyobalm with a range of well-thought-out products for different sports disciplines. The different balms are good for combat sports like wrestling, MMA or BJJ but also for HITT training or fitness recovery. The balms are made with all natural oils from Peppermint, tea tree, Cajeput, Lemon Eucalyptus, Thyme, True lavender, Sweet Orange and much, much more! Check out the Shoyobalm assortment on BJJ Fightgear, any questions about our products? Get in touch with our BJJ Fightgear costumer service!