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SafeJawz offers you some really cool, must have mouthguards for every athlete, whatever sport you do. SafeJawz makes all kinds of mouthguards, from self-fit (boil and bite) to custom-fit handmade ones. We from BJJ Fightgear thought it was time to offer you a taste of some cool personal and different mouthguards to express your inner self!




Mouth Guards

SafeJawz mouthguards feature innovative designs and unparalleled product features. SafeJawz makes mouthguards people want to wear instead of because the rule book says you have to. The SafeJawz products are made with the perfect combination of style and protection. Altogether, these mouthguards are pretty hard to refuse for any athlete, whatever you do, MMA, BJJ, kickboxing or something else, these SafeJawz mouthguards are pretty awesome!