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Inverted Gear is a brand that strives for high quality exclusive products for an affordable price; they came up with this idea after having grown tired of the pre-order limited edition Gis some brands sell. Something else that’s nice to know; inverted gear Gis are often made out of bamboo for about 70%!


Inverted Gear

Gi's, Belts, Rashguards

Inverted Gear is about high quality kimonos and other gear for affordable prices. They strive to reflect the JiuJitsu lifestyle and are there for the guys and girls who are on the mats most of the time and spend their time of-mat thinking of new set ups for armbars and kimuras or a new way to take the back. BJJ is a great sport for which you need good Jiu Jitsu gear. Inverted Gear provides great BJJ Gi’s and other fight gear with an original design and a comfortable feel to it.