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Hayabusa is the Japanese term for peregrine falcon. A predator known for his speed, his power and strength. The falcon possesses the same qualities as the many athletes in the world who put their trust (and joints) in Hayabusa gear. Hayabusa provides unmatched quality and innovative designs. Hayabusa has become the new Gold Standard for combat gear in BJJ, Grappling and MMA.

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https://bjjfightgear.com/faq/Since the first day of their existence, has Hayabusa fully committed itself to be superior in every way and each aspect of performance. Hayabusa lives up to the Japanese code ‘Bushido’, this code demanded each fighter to make sure their weapons were made with an unparalleled reverence and degree of workmanship. In the world of BJJ and MMA, Hayabusa has become known for these qualities and their excellent gear.  It may cost a little extra but it is really worth the extra coins!


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