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Clean Hugs is a French brand for handmade antifungal and antibacterial soap. All athletes sometimes come into contact with hygiene problems. Clean Hugs offers an solution to skin irritation with a innovative fragrant soap which protects both your skin and the environment through its ecological base! Every different soap bar of Clean Hugs has a modern and unique aromatic fragrance.




Clean Hugs

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The brand Clean Hugs was founded by two French athletes who practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Thai boxing. They figured there was still no good solution to irritated skin and skin infections like redness, ringworm and staph infection due to dirty gyms, suspicious mats or improperly cleaned materials. Clean hugs is a completely natural and effective soap, the company uses an ecological approach and all packaging is recyclable. Clean hugs soap is for everyone, not only for practitioners of BJJ, MMA or grappling but for anyone who wants to use an all-natural, skin friendly soap.