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20 June 2017

4 Steps to find your perfect Gi

Finding the right Gi can be struggle. Our friends from the Gi experts will explain everything to you about finding the perfect Gi for you. These 4 following steps will help you find exactly the gi you want and need for all your Jiu Jitsu training and competition!

17 March 2017

Hyperfly HyperLyte Gi Review

Gabriel from gi-world.de has written again an interesting and informative product review about the Hyperfly HyperLyte BJJ Gi. To spread the word about the HyperLyte Kimono, also for our non-German BJJ practitioners, we translated gi-world.de’s awesome review for you.

Have fun reading and let us know what you think in the comments or even in your own review of the Hyperfly HyperLyte Gi!

8 February 2017

Review Gameness Air Gi

Finding your perfect Gi is easier said than done. You’ve saved up the money, set a budget, made up your mind about the type of Gi and now you are here. This is the review about the Gameness Air Gi that I have been using intensely for the past three weeks and it will give you a complete idea about what this lightweight Gi is all about.