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5 January 2018

How To Tie your Belt like a Pro | The Gi Experts

This is Bram from the Gi Experts, in this video he will explain a couple of ways to tie your BJJ belt... to prevent you new guys from tying your belt the wrong way or not at all, to help you tie your belt in the first place, and to not make you look or feel like an idiot by not knowing how to tie a BJJ belt.. this video is for you!!

3 January 2018

Ice Weave Gi Revieuw by Bradley Hill | The Gi Experts

The Gi Experts managed to get a review on the Ice Weave Gi by War Tribe from Braulio Estimas blackbelt Bradley Hill all the way from England! Bradley Hill known for awesome and fancy techniques will tell you all about the fit and the feel of this Gi. Bradley used this Gi to train in and gives us a review on how it feels to move, drill and roll in it.

13 December 2017

The best BJJ Gifts under 25 euros!

It is almost Christmas, the time of presents, warmth, love and less training, since you have to actually celebrate the holidays with family... Since we of course do not wish you a Merry Christmas without Jiu Jitsu and we like you to still have some BJJ in your life during the holidays, we have made a video with BJJ related gifts under 25 euros!